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  • 1. Open education

    The park adopts an open school approach and welcomes parents to visit and participate actively.

    2. Establish a home contact book

    The home contact book is a dialogue book between parents and teachers, and is also a record book for children's growth.

    3. Holding a parent-teacher conference

    The main purpose of the conference is to promote mutual understanding and support between parents and teachers to jointly promote the healthy growth of children. Usually arranged three times a year, teachers usually need to do a lot of preparatory work, such as keeping observation notes, children's written assignments and paintings, fully grasping the child's situation, and then detailing the situation and questions raised to parents. Out. At the meeting, the teacher informed the parents about the child's situation, and discussed with the parents the child's development goals and appropriate education methods, and asked the parents to express their opinions and express their opinions.

    4. Regarding parents as educational resources

    We recognize that parents have different careers, experiences, hobbies, and specialties. Making full use of this educational resource can enrich the educational activities of the park and strengthen the homeland. At the beginning of the school, teachers will ask parents if they are willing to let their children share their experiences. After obtaining parental consent, the school will arrange parents to volunteer, such as guiding children's interest groups, introducing their work to children, and assisting teachers. Teaching activities, etc.

    5. Carry out parent education

    The park focuses on the promotion and guidance of parents on educational knowledge and family life knowledge.

    6. Establish a parent center

    The park has established a parent center to provide parents with a place to gather, communicate and work, which shows the welcome attitude of the park to parents' participation, and parents are therefore more willing to participate in the education of the park.

    7. Establish a parent-teacher association

     It is generally organized by the park to establish a bridge between the park and the family and to strengthen the partnership between teachers and parents. The association organizes a variety of activities, such as parent education, publication of parent education materials, assistance in research and practice of home cooperation, participation in educational decision-making and supervision, organization of large-scale networking events, organization of charity performances, charity sales, and donation activities.

    8. Home visit

    Conducting home visits is a regular job of the school's teachers. In order to gain the trust of the parents, the teacher must determine the purpose of the home visit in advance, agree with the parents about the time, consider what to say and ask, and pay attention not to touch the privacy of the parents.

    9. Set up a bulletin board

    10. Pick up and exchange

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