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  • At the end of the sixth month of fetal development, most of the brain cells are at work (Beck, 2004). There are about 100 billion neurons in the brain of newborns (cells that transmit nerve impulses in the body), and most of the neurons are in the brain forever (Schwartz and Begley, 2002).

    At birth, the brain is 30 percent of the weight of the adult brain. By age 2, it's 70 percent. By age 6, it's 90 percent.

    The interconnection of these brain cells is crucial for future growth and development. These neural connections, by stimulating experiences in early childhood, are necessary for the further development of neural networks. (Olsho, 1984; Trehub, Bull, and Thorphe, 1984)

    From a scientific point of view, Dr. Montessori's research tells us that during this time, the brain and body develop faster than at any other time. In a prepared Montessori environment, babies develop a variety of sensory abilities in a calm environment. They developed gross motor skills, such as climbing, walking, and running. At the same time, they developed fine motor skills such as hand holding, tactile sensation, eating, drinking, writing and drawing. All children can be cared for by teachers trained by( Associated Montessori Internationale) AMI or the American Montessori Association (AMS), who can establish relationships of love, trust and dependence with children, which will contribute to their social interaction and emotional development.

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