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  • When the children walks well, and has the great curiosity to explore the world. It is a great opportunity to get into a community where it is similar to home but a few different.

    This age is an important period for children's development and growth. It lays the foundation for the children’s whole life span. The security, how does he/she interact with the others, the aspect of view that he/she might take into consider will always affected by how he/she was treated during 0-3.  At this stage, children develop 80 percent of their personality, increase their mobility, improve their gross and fine motor skills, and learn that they are independent individuals and an important part of society.

    Kids don't need potty training to get into this class.

    IC classroom are usually set up as follows:

    Practical Life Area: Practical Life Area are going to help children taking care of him/herself and also the environment around. And it also helps the children get to understand the social group. After children were born, they are going to be independent, not only physically but also psychologically. Children are the master of the classroom, they are intending to taking care of the environment and also themselves. Such as preparing the lunch, cleaning up, taking care of the plant or clean up the floor etc. Teacher helps when the children are need, so that children are build up themselves because of the inner power of love and eagerness.  Meanwhile, practical life area also build up the daily vocabularies, and also helps to build up respect, confidence when they’re finally achieved after a lot of practice.

    Fine motor areas: there are fine wooden materials which attracts children to work. After open and close,   take it out or put it in, or stack up repeatively, children learn the sensorial difference, but also develops eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills.

    Language area: In order to build up children’s vocabulary and also develops the abstract logically thinking, every language work starts from the contract real things and then goes to objects, and comes up different categories of cards. Real things also provides children under two a lot of real life experience, and collecting huge vocabularies which lays foundation for CASA classroom.

    Art Area: It is always said that there in no boundaries of music and art between different cultural. The art area in IC classroom provides a way for the toddlers to express themselves. They can use crayons, chalks, watercolor, clay and etc, just explore and create no matter which that can fully express their own.

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