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  • Montess Introduction
  • Montessori concept
  • Five fields
  • 1.Child-centered

    Oppose the adult-oriented teaching perspective, treating children as independent individuals different from adults.

    2. Against cramming teaching

    It advocates starting from daily life training, cooperating with a good learning environment and rich teaching aids, allowing children to actively learn spontaneously and construct their own perfect personality.

    3. Grasp the sensitive period of children

    Follow the characteristics of the sensitive period to get the maximum learning effect.

    4. The role of the teacher as a facilitator

    Teachers must have a deep understanding and understanding of the child's spiritual world, and be familiar with the child's development, in order to provide appropriate and timely assistance and guidance to the child.

    5. Cultivation of complete personality

    The primary purpose of preschool education is to help children normalize.

    6. Respect the child's growth pace

    There are no curriculums and class hours to enable children to focus on developing their inner needs.

    7. Mixed age teaching

    Children of different ages will imitate and learn from each other and develop good social behaviors that children are willing to help others.

    8. Rich teaching materials and teaching aids

    Teaching aids are materials for children's work. Through “work”, children construct a perfect personality from self-repetitive practice.

    9. Eliminate rewards and punishments

    Take a child-friendly approach and cultivate a child’s growing sense of dignity.

    10. Outbreaking teaching results

    Take the way of respecting the inner needs of the children, let the children grow up in a timely and appropriate manner, and it is not easy to detect the results in the short term, but it will show the inner growth of the child's inner mind with the power of the outbreak at a certain time.

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