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  • Based on the discovery that “children have the talent for self-education” and “the wisdom can change”, Montessori education not only uses rich teaching materials and teaching aids as a medium, but also emphasizes the spontaneous self-learning and self-growth of young children. Therefore, Montessori teaching content can be divided into five areas. Most of the teaching in the five fields is through the correct demonstration of teaching aids, attracting children to operate by hand, let the children experience the whole learning process and construct their minds in repeated exercises.

    Daily life education

    Daily life exercises include basic movements, living etiquette, taking care of themselves, and caring for the environment. The purpose is to train children's physical activities and stimulate the ...

    Sensory education

    The content of sensory education includes the training of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch; the recognition and matching, arrangement, classification and combination of object shapes. They cause...

    Mathematics Education

    Relying on the foundation of sensory education, children are further encouraged to translate the abstract symbols, numbers and quantities of understanding and feelings and calculations into objects th...

    Language education

    Through Montessori's daily life training (hand-eye coordination) and sensory practice (auditory, tactile, visual improvement), young children have a preparatory basis for reading and writing, plus...

    Cultural science education

    Science and culture education includes animals, plants, history, geography, science, music, fine arts, astronomy, geology, etc., to discuss the relationship between people, things and things in our en...

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    Montessori Education

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