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  • The content of sensory education includes the training of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch; the recognition and matching, arrangement, classification and combination of object shapes. They cause cognitive and discernment and memory of children's mental activities, cultivate children's senses of precision and sensitivity, and are good at comparing, analyzing and judging, so as to achieve the purpose of children's intelligence and ability development.

    Based on the system's sensory teaching aids, using the sensory teaching aids that can stimulate the feelings individually, we can obtain various concepts that are indispensable in intelligent education from the process of continuous training and strengthening, thus laying the foundation for the development of perception and thinking. Feeling or perception is a reflection of the individual or overall attributes that an objective thing directly acts on the senses. Perception is of particular importance in the development of young children's psychology. Perception is an important part of the cognitive process of young children. Young children basically rely on their own direct perception to understand things. Children's memory depends directly on the specific material of perception. Children's thinking is often influenced by perception. Children's emotions and will actions are often influenced by direct perception. Variety. Therefore, sensory education is of special significance to the psychological development of young children.

    1. Sensory education is conducive to the development of children's individual psychology.

    2, sensory education can form an accurate concept, and the concept is the necessary material for intelligent activities, so sensory education is the basis of intelligent development.

    3. Sensory education can perfect the personality of children.

    4. Sensory education can promote children's feelings, understanding and expression of beauty.

    From a biological point of view, 0-3 years old is the developmental stage of children's sensation, and 3-6 years old is the formation period of sensation. Therefore, at this stage, we emphasize the opportunity to help children's senses develop naturally and master children's comprehensiveness. Self-education.

    Montessori believes that the purpose of sensory education is actually to train everyone to become an observer. Sensory education is also the basis for the development of advanced mental activities. Montessori believes that many children have a psychological barrier to mathematics after they enter school, but if children's psychological development is rooted in sensory education, everything will be solved. Furthermore, Montessori believes that the final point of sensory education will also promote the creative development of children. The starting point of any person's creativity is some rules and precise things in their psychology. Therefore, in education, we must pay attention to the ultimate goal of sensory education is the shaping of children's personality and the cultivation of creativity.

    From a sociological point of view, because human beings are social animals, it is difficult for ordinary people to leave the social group to live independently, so the appropriate sensory stimulation in early childhood can help them become a keen environmental observer, making it easier for him to adapt to the present. And the future of life.

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