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  • Through Montessori's daily life training (hand-eye coordination) and sensory practice (auditory, tactile, visual improvement), young children have a preparatory basis for reading and writing, plus Montessori's unique language teaching aid - geometry With the operation of the inset board, the sand word board and the picture card, the child can naturally acquire the ability to write and read. Language development is sensitive, and missing the sensitive period will hinder the development of language. (0 to 2 years old - sensitive period of listening; 6 months to 3 years old - said sensitive period; 2 to 6 years old - sensitive period of reading and writing)

    Language learning comes from listening, watching, imitating, practicing, and correct counseling. The language is divided into oral language (spoken language) and written language (text). The former is the ability to hear and hear, and the latter is the ability to read and write. Before the age of six is a sensitive period for children's language development, providing a rich language learning environment and strengthening language learning; not only emphasizing mother-tongue teaching, but also developing multi-language, especially English development.

    Its educational purposes are as follows:

    1. Cultivate the vocabulary of children's understanding and strengthen their ability to express;

    2. Develop children's ability to read and write;

    3. Develop children's ability to listen and speak;

    4. Appreciate literary works and promote interest in language learning;

    5. Cultivate early childhood reading;

    6. Cultivate children's good ideological and moral qualities.

    7. Expand the experience of language, open up knowledge and culture, enrich children's spiritual world, and cultivate children's sentiments.

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