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  • Five fields
  • Our vision, mission and commitment:

    (1) Our vision is to inspire and nurture children to become world citizens.

    (2) Our mission is to use the pure Montessori education to develop the intelligence, emotional intelligence and life of every child in our school.

    (3) Our commitment is to make our students become active seekers, independent, and caring for others and the environment. They will be courageous and trustworthy, and the outside world will find that they are ready to go on knowledge learning. They will follow the rules and become creative, responsible, and active children.

    Weijue International

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    Montessori Education

    Name: Montessori Education Act

    Origin: Rome, Italy, 1907

    Founder: Maria Montessori


    Name: American Montessori Association

    Founded: 1960

    Website: http://amshq.org

    Qualification: one of the three international Montessori authorities

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