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  • The Montessori Education Act was initiated by Dr. Maria Montessori of Italy. It is characterized by the importance of early childhood education and early intellectual development. It is an educational method that comprehensively enhances the quality of children and develops children's potential.

    It subtly uses the child's own growth requirements to achieve the purpose of education without prejudice to the child's freedom and happiness. Montessori believes that children have an intrinsic "inner vitality" that is positive, evolving, and has endless power; and the task of education is to stimulate and promote the development of children's "inner potential"; Children are not containers for adult perfusion, nor mud and wax that can be arbitrarily shaped. Teachers and parents must carefully study and observe children, understand their inner world, and help children develop physical and mental development in children's free and spontaneous activities.

    Based on this, Montessori created a set of training methods for preschool children to effectively guide children's rapid growth. The role of the Montessori teacher is to "observe the child, understand the child, follow the child!"

    Since then, the Montessori education law has been more than a hundred years old, and it has swept the entire western world, profoundly affecting the countries of the world, and providing several generations of outstanding talent bases for the sustainable development of the western industrialized society.

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    Montessori Education

    Name: Montessori Education Act

    Origin: Rome, Italy, 1907

    Founder: Maria Montessori


    Name: American Montessori Association

    Founded: 1960

    Website: http://amshq.org

    Qualification: one of the three international Montessori authorities

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